A Big Thank You

Ronnie Perry Realty experienced an office fire this past Sunday, January 6, 2013. Needless to say, we were all quite surprised to wake up early Sunday to numerous calls, text, and emails as the word spread. We feel blessed that the damage was limited to the waiting room with smoke damage in the other offices. Although the damage was limited, the quick response of the Brunswick Fire Department and first responders made all the difference in the outcome.

We wanted to thank everyone who responded and had a part in the clean up from the fire. The Brunswick Fire Department and all the firefighters deserve credit for a fast and efficient response to the fire. Ronnie Perry Realty would also like send a special thank you to Remodel the Coast, Inc. for all their help and being the first on the job. Thanks to all who work with us! The agents and office staff without any hesitation pitched in to help. They were all there from early Sunday until late afternoon- cleaning, painting, and washing. By the time Monday morning rolled around, you could hardly see any results from the fire. Ronnie’s first comment on Monday morning was that he works with the best people in the world!

As we thank all those who pitched in to help us open back up Monday, we have all learned a valuable lesson from the fire. When things get tough at Ronnie Perry Realty, the tough get going for the good of all! We feel extremely lucky to have such a great group of people. Ronnie would like to remind everyone of the importance of a smoke detector and making sure to regularly check the battery!