We have got an exciting year ahead in the Golden Isles area when it comes to real estate. Interest rates will likely remain near historic lows, home values are rising, and an improving economy. The jobs outlook will also help spur continued market strength. The real estate professionals at Ronnie Perry Realty say sellers appear to be more […]

maria2012 | Jan 4, 2013

Everything you expect in real estate sales and service is what we consider essential. Our personable agents serve the citizens of the The Golden Isles of Georgia as lifelong clients. We know the ins and outs of real estate like no other agency who serve this beautiful coastal region, and will show you with expertise […]

admin | Oct 5, 2012

       After enjoying a wonderful cruise on The Lady Jane this past Friday, we felt obligated to share. Ronnie decided to take all of us out for a cruise complete with boiled fresh shrimp and great company! A big thanks to Jill and Ryan for the additional low country boil accompaniments’.  We highly recommend this local business that takes daily cruises […]

maria2012 | Oct 3, 2012

The importance of getting in shape seems to be on everyone’s mind now. With all the health concerns that seem to be bombarding us from every direction. From a rise in heart conditions or the rise in obesity. The liquid diet to a no carb diet. There is truly no end to the madness. What […]

admin | Aug 9, 2012

We love this place! You may think it a bit strange for a real estate office to write a restaurant review. But sometimes, when you find a place as good as this one, you just have to share. This is no regular place. Located off the Golden Isles Parkway in Brunswick, GA. This Irish style […]

admin | Feb 9, 2012