The Copper Pig Smokehouse & BBQ

Copper Pig BBQ & Smokehouse    Our Ronnie Perry Realty family managed a trip to the Copper Pig BBQ & Smokehouse today. We have all heard that the food was excellent. Well, they most definitely lived up to all the hype!  Some of us ordered the buffet which consisted of homemade fresh veggies, breads, soup and different types of BBQ. Some of us ordered the pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Which was piled high with pulled pork BBQ and slaw. A heartburn dream!

Although the different type9s of BBQ sauce complimented all the different types of meats. The one thing that seemed to steal the show was the banana pudding. Yum, yum and just for kicks, another yum! If that was not some long lost recipe from someone’s grandmother, I would most definitely have no doubt! They have a great concept! Not only is the place a full service restaurant but it also has a butcher and meat counter. Along with having all different types of cheeses and cut meat to order. They are also using local farms produce and making it available to all at a reasonable price in their fresh market.

It’s nice to see local business supporting other local business! It makes for good commerce!! So make sure to go out and support all the folks at the Dawne Hudson & Ronnie PerryCopper Pig Smokehouse & BBQ! Good friendly service and good lick your finger- BBQ!! Make sure to let them know the crew at Ronnie Perry Realty sent you.Melissa Green, Sue Nyeste and Jill Jernigan8