Moving made easier!

Whether you have recently sold your home or planning to purchase. There is always the dreaded move! A couple of ideas to make your move go a little smoother:

1.) First, clean the closets. Why move something you have not used in months? Go through all room closets, garage, attic and if hasn’t been used in the last 3 months place it in a box for either donation or future garage sale.

Coming or going to Brunswick, GA

Coming or going to Brunswick, GA

2.) A week out from moving collect all your boxes. Make sure they are sturdy and will hold up with heavy items. Don’t forget the masking tape to reinforce the boxes. Grocery stores and super stores are good choices for boxes. But remember to call ahead, as most stores un-load stock in the wee hours of the morning.

3.) Device a labeling system for the boxes. Labeling them by room is not enough. What happens if you need to access something and you know its part of the master bedroom of boxes? But which one of ten boxes is it? What if you label them the room plus a number and have a master list that tells you exactly what is in the box. It may take you more time in the beginning but will make it a breeze once you are unpacking.

5.) Also sit down and make a list of the places you need to call to make change of address. Schools, doctors, memberships and associations.

Just a couple of ideas that will hopefully make the move easier. Happy moving!

If you are moving in Brunswick, GA here is a list of a couple good places to use:

Canal Road Self Storage                             Penske Truck Rental                                         Exit 29 Self Storage and Mobile Storage
700 Canal Road                                           3576 Darien Hwy                                               260 S Port Pkwy
Brunswick, GA                                             Brunswick, GA                                                   Brunswick, GA
912-262-1999                                              912-265-2849                                                    912-261-1788